Thursday, September 19, 2013

{ Birthday Meal: Rice Vermicelli in Double-Boiled Chicken Soup with Abalone Slices and Egg }

It was my husband's birthday and usually during on birthdays, we get to eat Rice Vermicelli or Mee Sua as it symbolised longevity. Egg is a must too. I have a very typical traditional Chinese husband (old fashion :P)

For the soup, I had a blanched chicken in 1.2 litre of water steaming for almost 4 hours. This was only possible for me since I'm using a steam oven. Great thing too as I was really busy on that day itself too. You can using a double boiler to do it to. I don't own one so I usually, I would simmer over low heat if I'm not using my oven but that requires monitoring.

What to you have on your birthdays? My mother used to cook this for me on my birthday too. I'm looking forward to the day someone's cook this for me on my birthday again. I'm old fashion too. :)

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