Tuesday, March 5, 2013

{ Pizza Bread }

I had this as my afternoon tea few days ago. I was trying to clear the last 2 slices of bread as well as some Mozzarella cheese and Kanimi Surimi. I decided to do a Pizza Bread with whatever ingredients I have.

It's quick and easy and you may end up wanting more! The is great for kids who are sick of having the usual sandwiches and it's a good finger food for parties too.

The good thing about it is you can add whatever ingredients you like. Mine has green peppers, onions, Kanimi Surimi and my homegrown Cherry Tomatoes (more about that later).

Get your kids involve in making this. They will definitely enjoy it.

For this Pizza Bread, it is advisable to use old bread as they are drier. Alternatively, you can toast the bread for a few minutes before using. Leave the skin on for that extra crunch and it helps hold the "pizza sauce" too. I'm using tomato base pasta sauce. Spread the sauce on the bread; about 1 to 2 tablespoon of it. Add just enough as the bread will keep soaking up whatever amount you spread on. It will always seems dry. Don't add till the sauce sipped thru' the bread, then it will be too soggy.

Add the ingredients, all thinly sliced, to the bread and top with Cheese. As mentioned earlier, I'm using shredded Mozzarella cheese. You can use a mixture or regular sliced cheese too.

Toast or bake the bread at 240C for 10 minutes or till you see the cheese starting to melt or bubble and your Pizza Bread is done!

Hope you enjoy this!

I did mention earlier, I'm using homegrown Cherry Tomatoes for my Pizza Bread. I'm not kidding you. I have a few Cherry Tomato Plants growing at home. Well, outside our home to be exact. I'm staying in HDB flat, not landed property with a garden, my plants are outside our unit.

These cherry tomato plants are my daughter's. She started growing them in her Hydroponic Kit late last year. The plants grew too big to continue growing in the kit and I transferred them to continue growing in soil. We have had a few harvest already. Check out the photo above, it's me (my hand actually) harvesting one of the clusters of cherry tomatoes. ;)

I have other herbs and plants growing in my mini HDB garden too. Mostly what I use often for my cooking. It's great to grow your own herbs (especially). You can just cut and use it anytime you need it.

If you would like to see more of what I'm growing, you can have a look here.


  1. WOW.... O_O
    home grown cherry tomato!! it is so great...and i love cherry tomato so much....wish you can show us the details photo....

  2. Hi, just visit your I wish can read your gardening post here...I just started planted the pandan leaves and it grows well..after knowing that you can plant tomato at apartment, I wanted to experiment as well. I thought only can plant tomato and French beans on the ground..this is really amazing.

  3. Plentiful harvest! Perhaps you could start a gardening blog too!

  4. Hi, any idea what brand of seed is being used?

  5. It's 'brandless" it came with a growing kit that my daughter bought from school sometime back.