Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Little Lunch Box #39

I made 2 (kaya) sandwiches for my daughter. She wanted to have one after her school enrichment class and the other for recess.

I used 2 types of cheese. The orangy one is Cheddar and pale yellow is the regular Cheese singles. The rest of the parts were made out of seaweed.


  1. Hi, will the cheese melt after a few hours or turn bad in room temp for a few hrs? Will it stick to the cover of the box as it get toss around in the school bag? Need to start making lunch in boxes for my kids so finding out what food to make that is easy for transport and will not turn bad or change colour like apples. Thanks!

    1. I usually place an ice pack together with the lunch box and my kids carry the lunch box separately, not kept in the school bag.

      To prevent apples from turning brown, you can soak them a few seconds with salt or vinegar.

  2. Oh I see. Thanks alot for the tips!