Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Maple Cookie

I haven't baked for a long long time. I managed to clear most of my housework yesterday. After washing all the pots and dishes, I set up the water play box for the kids outside our house and started baking with little disturbance. I still have to outside to break up their argument. Haiz!

I'm surprised I'm still able to finished baking the whole lot. In fact, I did a second batch soon after because the kids finished almost all the first lot of cookies as soon as I packed them.

  • 300g Top Flour or Cake Flour
  • 5g Baking Powder
  • 4g Salt
  • 180g Unsalted Butter
  • 100g Brown Sugar
  • 1 Egg
  • 60ml Maple Syrup

How to do it:
  1. Beat butter and sugar till light and fluffy
  2. Add egg and beat well.
  3. Blend in the maple syrup.
  4. Fold in the flour, baking powder and salt till a dough is formed.
  5. Divide dough into 4g balls.
  6. Lay all the ball dough in baking pan with baking paper.
  7. You can flatten it a little or leave it as it is.
  8. Bake in preheated oven at 180C for 13 minutes till golden brown.
  9. Cool and store in air tight container.


  1. Hai Elaine,
    May I know is Buttercup an unsalted butter?

    Brown sugar is it palm sugar?

  2. Hi Wokking Mum,

    I saw from today MyPaper that you have won the best cooking blog award.

    Congrats :)

  3. Sarah's Daddy and Mommy,
    Sorry for the super long reply. In case you still need to know, Buttercup is salted butter. Try Anchor (unsalted)
    Brown sugar used here is not palm sugar. It's looks like normal sugar except in light brown colour. Palm sugar is darker and more moist. We usually called in black sugar in Chinese.

    Blessed Couples,
    Thanks but my blog is one of the 10 contenders for the award. I didn't win but it was great to be in the top 10. Thank you!

  4. is whisking method or creaming method??