Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lunch Box #13

This is one of the older lunch box I did for my son. He had requested to buy his lunch from the canteen. I guess he just wants to follow his friends. The lunch box here has spinach packed rice cake. I dip a little light soy sauce and pan fried it. Carrots and sausage are steamed. I 'stick' the sausage with melted cheese. You must make sure the sausage is dry for the cheese to stick. My son asked my to pack some furikake to season the rice. :\ So that's what's in the bottle.


  1. What a brilliant idea, Elaine !! Using cheese as adhesive for the heart weiners. Thanks for sharing this !!!

  2. You are surely a wonderful mum.. Seeing you putting so much efforts with ur son's lunch box is making me kinda envy. Haha... Great job.. Nice post.. Keep it up with the good job.. Ganbade..

  3. i just enjoyed your blog very so much!!!! I am your follower...thanks....karen