Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Corn and Crabstick Salad

If you have been to Ajisen, you might find this familiar. Yeah, I'm a copycat but please don't flame me hor.

I'm not a Ajisen fan but my kids are. Okay, they are only fans of their Ton Toro Ramen. They have nothing else there but that! Me, not being a fan, usually watch them eat if I bring them there for lunch. :P One of those 'watching them eat' days, I causally flipped their menu (I usually don't see it since it always the same thing we order) and saw this Corn Salad and went ahead to order it. I was cursing myself after that. Why? Because it $7 and I can make it myself.

It's basically crabstick, corn, tobiko or ebiko and mayonnaise, all mixed together. Add in some shredded Japanese cucumber for extra crunch if you like. (Okay, maybe they added some secret ingredient that I couldn't taste. I got no sensitive palate. :P) Simple?

In case you are wondering, I bought my ingredients from Giant IMM. I'm using Watties frozen Super Sweet Corn. And I steamed the corn and crabstick first. Let it cool before I add in the rest of the ingredients.

Try this at home or pay $7 for it at Ajisen. ;)

* All mixed up *


  1. Wow.... I love this colouring salad dish.....Welcome back from your break... I love seeing all your creative dish...

  2. This dish has all my favourite ingredients :)~ it's the perfect side salad ;)

  3. I love this dish, gonna try to prepare it soon~~~ hehe...

  4. I need to make this salad as soon as possible! I think I've had something like this at restaurants before and really liked it. Thanks for reminding me of the tasty corn and mayo combo!

  5. Ellena, Thanks for the welcome. :)

    Noobcook, Really? Then you must try it!

    Little Prince, Hope you like it.

    Marine, Hopefully it's close to what you had in the restaurants. :)