Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pearl Balls

Winter Solstice 冬至 falls on every 22 December of the year, except for the year where there are 29 days in February, which happens every 4 year. If that happens, Winter Solstice will be on 23 December instead.

On this day, Chinese like to prepare Glutinous Rice Ball 汤圆. it's usually cooked in a water with Chinese brown sugar, ginger and pandan leaves.

This year I have plans to do something different and try to replicate a 'seasonal' promotion item from 鼎泰丰. It's like 汤圆 except it's steamed and rolled on dessicated coconut to give a subtle aroma. However, I find it more 'Q' (chewy). Due to it's slight opaque outlook. I suspect it might have Wheat Starch, those used to my Chinese Dim Sum, Har Gow 虾胶.

My replica is definitely not as good as the original but I glad I could still get it out successfully. It's very chewy. Only regret is that I'm not able to make the Pearl Balls thin with more fillings. Hopefully, I'll be able to improve on the recipe and my skills further.

Meanwhile, if you would like to try my recipe for Winter Solstice 冬至 tomorrow, here it is. And have a Happy Winter Solstice, 冬至快乐!

  • 300ml Water 水
  • 70g Caster Sugar 糖
  • 65g Wheat Starch 澄面粉
  • 315g Glutinous Flour 糯米粉
  • Desiccated Coconut 椰仁干
  • Ground Peanut Powder 花生粉

How to do it:
  1. Bring water to a gentle boil.
  2. Add sugar and melt it.
  3. Remove from heat.
  4. Add in wheat starch and glutinous flour.
  5. Mix well till dough become smooth.
  6. Divide into balls of 25g - 30g each.
  7. Flatten the ball and put some peanut powder in the middle.
  8. Fold and roll the dough back into a ball.
  9. If your dough is not smooth and is with 'crease' lines, wet the surface with a drop of water and roll.
  10. Place peanut dough on a oiled dish.
  11. Prepare your steamer or boil water in the wok.
  12. When the water starts to boil, place your dish of prepared peanut dough in.
  13. Steam on high fire for 10 mins.
  14. Remove immediate and roll on desiccated Coconut.
  15. Best if served while hot.
  • When mixing the dough, use a spatula first. Once the dough is cool enough to handle, use your hands to mix and knead it.
  • When removing the steamed peanut ball from the steamer, remember to wet your hands or utensils, otherwise it will stick.

Have breaking several dough filled with peanuts, I decided to steamed plain dough balls and sprinkle peanut powder after it's steamed instead.

Wheat Starch &
Glutinous Flour
Desiccated Coconut Ground Peanut Powder

The prepared dough


  1. this is the first time i heard about the event as well as pearl balls
    looks delicious to me :)

  2. It's fixed on 22 Dec every year except on 23 Dec on the year where there are 29 days in February like this year. :)