Friday, December 7, 2007

Sukiyaki 寿喜烧

When we visit the Japanese Restaurant, which we do quite often, I always order Sukiyaki if it's available.

It usually has Shitake Mushroom, Onions, Chinese Cabbage, Enokitake, Carrot, Spring Onion, tofu, Shirataki noodles and of course very thinly sliced meat. All these in a cast iron pot over burning flame.

It's often served with a raw egg for you to dip the meat and veggies in before you eat them to reduce the heat, so as not to burn your lips. *wink* There is always a bowl of rice to go with it as the soup is slightly salty and sweet. Some restaurants even come with a bowl of udon for you to cook it in the soup after you finish eating all the ingredients. Very filling!

Sometimes when we are out during the weekends, dear hubby wants to have his favourite Chinese food when we rather have Japanese food *son knit eyebrows and pout lips*, I'll get some stuff from the supermarket and make sushi (for my son) and this, Sukiyaki, later in the week. It's not as good as those in Japanese Restaurants but it does curb our cravings. *laughs*

It's actually rather simple to make the Sukiyaki broth. Though it may not be authentic, it taste close enough. My way to do it, is to add 4 tablespoon Soy Sauce, 3 tablespoon Sugar and 2 tablespoon Mirin to 500ml Water preferably in a steamboat, unless you have the cast iron set. Then you can add your meat, vegetables, tofu, etc in the broth and eat it as it cook, just like how the Chinese have their steamboat.

Oh, you don't have to go around hunting for Shirataki noodles, which is not available here in my neigbourhood supermarkets too. I always use glass noodle. It's a perfect replacement and taste great with the broth! Just have it soak in water first before use. And adjust the amount of sugar and salt according to your taste but those I have in the restaurants are far more sweeter and salty then my concoction.

Try it some day. *wink*


  1. I made this for dinner tonight. It was yummy! My hubby seem to think that your concoction is much better than the actual...

    Thanks for a simple but yummy delicious recipe.

  2. this is my version of the broth, I also love sukiyaki:
    1 cup dashi soup which I make with water and Kombu or there exists a Dashi instant broth and then add the rest of the following
    " 3 tbsps soysauce
    " 2 tbsps sake
    " 1/4 cup mirin

  3. Celine,
    Thank you for the compliments. Glad you and your hubby like it. :)

    I tried it with dashi before for find the taste too strong. Hence I did not recommend it in my recipe.

    But thanks for putting it down. Now visitors can have an additional option. :)