Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lunch Box #12

Another simple lunch box I did for my son. You won't see me making complicated lunch box here. I only have about an hour to complete everything, including clearing the kitchen top. I have somehow manage to persuade him to have bread instead of his regular rice lunch box. Thank you! Do you know it's so much easier?! I used sweet bun here and in between the bun are lettuce and pork patties. (Just look that my post from almost 2 years ago! :P ) I used cherry tomato instead of the normal sliced tomato as I think it's easier for him to eat it. Oh, and not forgetting fruits!


  1. Your bento recipes are very interesting and looks like something I can prepare for my kids. Bento pictures looks good but wonder how it taste come recess time hours later. Will the bento get warmed up during recess time? If not, will the pork patties still taste good after hours in an ice pack lunch bag?

  2. Sue,
    No, it's not warm. It won't be as tender when it's hot but taste wise, pretty much the same. I didn't pack it with an ice park. I cool it (at room temp) first before I pack it.